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Folha em Branco

Folha em Branco

Ter | 01.05.12

Another author who hates me...

HEY! This blog went global! And yeah I’m gonna write this post in English, you’ll know why in a couple of seconds.Yeah apparently the author of a small bad porn short story didn’t like that my review of the book on goodreads was nothing more than a link for a post about it on this blog. Then the author was kind of upset (I think) that the entire post was in Spanish! Can you imagine that? Now I write in Spanish and had no idea. She even wrote a post on her blog.Oh well… so this is a small review of the book:His gift is about a sub with a relationship with a Dom and her fantasy was to have two Doms, so her Dom/boyfriend gave her has a gift another Dom just for the day.I’ve read short stories with 300 words that had more story than this few pages. Why I read this? It was for free on amazon kindle store, I needed something small to read because I had just finished a huge book and wasn’t ready to start another, so why not read read free porn? Good thing about this few pages is that I hadn’t to pay for them and I found an author that I’m not going to read.Ok you know when you write something and then you look at it and think “damn this is awfull” the difference is that she actually “published” it on amazon kindle store. Just because everyone is giving her good “reviews” (actually lot’s of stars on goodreads) it means the story is good.


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