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Folha em Branco

Folha em Branco

Sex | 05.03.10

"Want portuguese wife"

Want young Portuguese woman for marriage, family. Age 19-27, must be beautiful, cultured, educated, smart, funny, sexy, and healthy. Good family pedigree important. Cooking a plus but not necessary. Should speak English well and other European languages passably. Musical, literary or artistic talent a plus. Career woman okay. Manners and appearance important. Picture and info on request. I will interview you on Skype if interested. I'm attractive and young looking, physically fit and financially secure. And completely serious.



Este anúncio pode ser  encontrado aqui e se forem como eu podem rir-se às gargalhadas. Aparentemente a pessoa está a falar a sério... vamos desejar-lhe muita sorte para enconttrar a sua noiva quase por encomenda.